North Fulton Council Mailing List

Welcome to the North Fulton Council contact list! If you are a stakeholder, please join us and support all of the children of North Fulton Council. All PTA Local Unit Officers should fill out the form so that we can stay in contact with you. Please note the fields on this form align with Georgia PTA's records. Not all fields are required. The following instructions will ensure that our database is aligned with the state and also allows us to filter properly.
Instructions: Please have each of your officers fill out the online form below or download the spreadsheet template and email all of your officers at once to Please make sure you save your file on one sheet as a CSV file. Items in bold should be filled out as written here. 

District: NFC PTA is in District 10

Council: North Fulton

PTA Name: Your local unit's name  - abbreviate ES/MS/HS for the type of school. 

Position: Your position on the board. Use VP if you are a Vice President and then use the Notes field to indicate which VP position you hold. The SOI delegates should indicate that position in the Notes as well.

Notes: Clarify your position if you are a VP (e.g. Communications). If you are a Reflections Chair indicate that here as well. Also, add any other notes such as preferred phone number.

Work/Home: Use Work to indicate your preferred cell phone, home to indicate your preferred landline phone

Year: 2019 -20

Relationship: More than likely it is  Parent, Student, or Staff

Class: Type of school (Elementary, Middle, High) or Other if you are not affiliated with a school.

* indicates required
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